Director's Cut

Creative Director: Pete Sickbert-Bennett
Editor: Victor Barcyzk
Producers: Ave Carrillo, Anu Nagaraj, Steve Intrabartola
Executive Producers: Lydia Holness, Marisa Fiechter 
Music: Q-Department
Title Animator: Sean Martin
Title Designer: Pete Sickbert-Bennett

​​​​​​​Our Approach:

The end of every year leads to a mediation on what's come and gone. Our overall philosophy to producing a memorable yearender film is to create a poetic montage through the artful curation of footage and use of light and dark imagery as a visual metaphor. We'll set the tone with the voices of HBO characters removed from their context and connected with a poetic cadence. As seasons end and series conclude, the characters that pulled us into their worlds may fade from the screen, but their voices will echo on. We never truly lose what's gone; the best stories never end.​​​​​​​
The Tone Poem:

The deed is done, faded into nothing, (Game of Thrones) 
Maybe it's time to let it go, (The Leftovers)
There's no sense looking back. The only thing you can do is start again. (Boardwalk Empire)

We must never stop believing in each other, (The Normal Heart)
For whoever is joined with all of the living, there is hope. (The Leftovers)

This is our now, (True Blood)
You find a way to fight again, (The Normal Heart)
You just need to learn to believe in yourself, (Getting On)
All you need is just a little push. (The Leftovers)

It baffles me this world. I don't want to leave it, (Olive Kitteridge)
So this fight is just getting started. (The Newsroom)

This is not the end, not for us, (Game of Thrones)
You have to look to your future, (True Blood)

Nothing is ever over. (True Detective)

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